CO₂ and ESG management
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Meet CSRD requirements, dual materiality analysis, carbon footprint, LkSG and EU taxonomy on one platform with innovative software and personal support.
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250+ mittelständische Unternehmen aus acht Industrien vertrauen uns bereits

The all-in-one solution for climate and ESG management in SMEs.

With Code Gaia, you create the basis for fulfilling legal and stakeholder-specific requirements.

GHG protocol-compliant CO₂ accounting

Collect your CO₂ data according to Scope 1, 2 and 3, differentiated by group and location structures, with flexible options for data integration.

CSRD reporting

Report according to the ESRS in the collaborative and legal opinion-checked CSRD reporting module with delegation and deadline functions as well as evidence documents.
Uncomplicated and user-friendly without skimping on functions.
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Perform a double materiality analysis

Create your ESRS-compliant double materiality analysis. Code Gaia provides support with a step-by-step process, a personal contact person, workshops and an accompanying software module. Free of charge for our customers with a Professional Software package.

LkSG, EU Taxonomy, GRI, DNK and other reporting formats

Choose the modules that suit your requirements from over 14 different standards and manage all data, processes and reports on one platform.

Sustainability report for DO & CO

DO & CO pursues a quality-oriented and environmentally conscious approach across all of its 3 business divisions. With the help of Code Gaia, the company has made its efforts visible in a comprehensive and transparent sustainability report.
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The leading CO₂ and ESG software solution

Benefit from a multi-certified software solution that allows you to manage your data and processes professionally without any prior knowledge or additional capacity.

Flexible and AI-based environmental data input

Code Gaia enables the integration of environmental data through direct connections (e.g. ERP, BI tools), the uploading of documents and Excel templates or manual data entry. Supported by your personal contact persons, you can flexibly combine data paths and achieve more efficient results through AI-based workflows.

Definition and monitoring of your sustainability goals

Work on your sustainability strategy together with your colleagues, consultants and stakeholders. Set goals, track progress and interact with data-based suggested solutions.

Collaborative reporting

Use the delegation, deadline and project management function with the reporting module to keep track of everything and report on time. Use the option to upload supporting documents to prepare for the audit by the auditor
Code Gaia's SaaS works with the most important international standards for medium-sized companies.

Code Gaia Academy

Discover first-class content on CSRD, climate and ESG at Code Gaia Academy. Stay informed with our latest software updates. Immerse yourself in the world of ESG management with our innovative tool.
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Software alone will not solve your ESG management challenge

Code Gaia supports you with personal expertise and certified ESG specialists along the entire value chain.
Code Gaia convinced us with the platform and their great support!
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Personal contact person

You are provided with a personal contact person and flexible support packages that make you fit for the legal requirements and accompany you on your sustainability journey.

Certified Code Gaia partners

We work with certified partners who provide you with comprehensive support and use our software as a place for collaboration. Invite your consultants to use the software or get certified as a partner and trained as a Code Gaia expert.


Hosted in Germany & ISO27001 certified


Tested according to standards and by auditors


Intelligent reading of key figures instead of Excel tables


CSRD, double materiality, LkSG and EU taxonomy


Here you will find frequently asked questions about our product.
  • What does the Code Gaia ESG reporting software do?

    With the Code Gaia web app, all relevant key figures for environmental or ESG reports can be collected, analyzed and optimized in one place. Support Sustainability experts and Code Gaia’s Customer Success Team will support you throughout the process.

  • How does the CSRD software Code Gaia help me with my sustainability management?
    1. Data collection: All relevant data such as incoming invoices, intelligent questionnaires or other data sources are uploaded to the Code Gaia portal in around 4 hours per year.
    2. Data analysis: Code Gaia’s in-house developed Artificial Intelligence reads environmental data from the accounting software and categorizes it based on the activities and quantities transacted.
    3. Data evaluation and optimization: Together with individual sustainability experts, sustainability management is subsequently optimized through data-supported measures and progress is monitored.
    4. Reporting: Standard-compliant sustainability reports (ESRS, GRI, BAFA or DNK) can be created and shared with stakeholders at the click of a button, in line with the brand identity.
  • Which standards does the CSRD software Code Gaia cover?
    • CSRD
    • ESRS
    • DNK
    • GHG protocol
    • LkSG
    • ecovadis
    • GRI
    • United Nations Global Compact
    • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • How does Code Gaia differ from other CSRD software providers?

    Code Gaia is characterized by the combination of state-of-the-art, intuitive software, effective use of artificial intelligence and close guidance through personal support.

    Sustainability experts and Code Gaia’s Customer Success Team also support companies throughout the entire process. The instructions and checklists integrated into the software guide customers step by step to the standard-compliant sustainability statement; starting with the documented double materiality analysis on the scope of the ESRS report, through the carbon footprint to the final ESRS report.

    Code Gaia thus combines best-in-class software with personal support.

VSME ESRS: Which modules should I report?

2. May 2024

Your Fast Guide to The Voluntary Small and Medium Enterprise ESRS for Sustainability Reporting

9. February 2024

European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) – List of phase-in Disclosure Requirements

5. October 2023

The ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) Process Descriptions

4. October 2023
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