Code Gaia is a Munich based StartUp and was founded as Spenoki (former Companyname) in 2020 as the simplest way to analyze, optimize and report Corporate Sustainability. Now we’re developing a whole suite of productivity & consulting tools that takes care of all the tricky bits of the sustainability process—doing our bit for the planet along the way.

We combine

Code Gaia | Software
Code Gaia | Software

…thereby we enable Corporate Sustainability and make it measurable – for all.

We are Code Gaia

The core of scientific thinking is the never-ending search for better answers. It is characterised by an independent view of the world that is open to everything but knows when to focus and that genius lies in simplicity. Ideas are the drive but must be validated through reasoning and experimentation before they are sold as truth.

We believe in authenticity in the sense that someone who is ambitious should not be afraid to fail and share their strengths and weaknesses. True excellence is recognised, in a collective that believes in authenticity, which brings the basis for improvement and personal development.

We trust in each team member and in his or her contribution to the big picture. We set high standards for ourselves that can only be met through personal responsibility and ideas from each individual.

We strive to live consciousness in all its dimensions. Obvious is the respect for nature and society, the task of preserving it for our relatives. Besides that, it is the awareness of our privileged situation, our leverage and the responsibility that comes with it.

We create a future worth living – by Sustainability as a Service.

Code Gaia | Sustainability as a Service | Co-Founder | Niklas Schoenstein

Niklas Schönstein

Product & Tech

Code Gaia | Sustainability as a Service | Co-Founder | Till Kundrun

Till Kundrun

People & Operations

Code Gaia | Sustainability as a Service | Co-Founder | Markus Adler

Markus Adler

Sales & Marketing

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We are an international team that wants to use Code Gaia to give enterprises the opportunity to realise their full potential of sustainability. For our work this means: we are motivated and committed, give each other feedback, learn from each other and help each other if things get stuck. In this way, we work together towards our goal of making sustainability management more efficient.

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